Read your iPad screen comfortably outdoors in bright light.

The iPad is a magical device. However, it has one major shortcoming - the LCD screen is very hard to read in bright sunlight or ambient daylight, "washing out" the screen.  It's not comfortable and makes reading anything, especially an eBook, challenging and tedious.

Responding to this need, iclipse™, the sunshade for iPad, is designed to make all three iPads easier to read outdoors – even in bright sun. It's the ultimate solution that eliminates screen glare and annoying reflections by significantly blocking unwanted light from hitting the iPad - increasing contrast, readability and your comfort.

iclipse™ fits all three iPads and is smartly designed to block unwanted light as if you were indoors. It's lightweight, ultraportable, folds flat and looks great. Now you can use your iPad on your deck, by the pool or read a book at the beach. 

iclipse™ also aids in data privacy for those who want to keep information away from prying eyes, creating the perfect shield which blocks the view of curious onlookers. With iclipse™, the iPad can be used in close quarters such as airplanes or high-traffic areas. No matter the location, iclipse™ helps to prevent others from looking over your shoulder to browse your digital data.

iclipse™ is designed and manufactured in the USA.   Patent Pending.

iclipse™ at a glance

  • No screen glare or reflections
  • Shields data from prying eyes
  • Made of tough, durable polyethylene
  • iPad stays in its own case
  • Nothing touches your screen
  • Use with Apple covers and most cases
  • Makes iPad useful in the field
  • Free shipping in the USA & Canada
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Environmentally Friendly

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